Team:PASantiago Chile/Attributions


In the year 2014 an Academy Synthetic Biology run by the Universidad Mayor. Was started as an initiative to make science more approachable to high school students, where it principal objective is to develop a team capable to compete in iGEM along with others students in a higher ground of knowledge and experience.

In 2017 a group of 17 students motivated by science and entrepreneurship started to work in what it is now "BLUEBERI", but we couldn't do all this work by ourselves, and here we say thanks to all of those who helped us:

Javier Villacreses: For being our PI and teach us everything about the science, and for inspiring us to be the best.

Ismael Espinoza: The one on the commercial and logistics of the whole team.

Cristian Bergman: For helped us with part of the video and the lab support.

Benjamin Nuñez: For helping us develop the wiki and the text.

Gladys Rojas: Teacher from the Sembrador School. For always being there for us when we needed it most.

Paulina Hip: Teacher from the Liceo Puente Alto. For always trying to keep the group working together.

Macarena Bravo and Felipe Diaz: Our English teachers. They taught us English and helped us with the translation of texts for the wiki.

Vinicius Maracaja-Coutinho: For his advising in science project and crowdfunding.

Patricio Manque: Special thanks for letting us work in his lab at Universidad Mayor for the last year and a half, permitting us work and progress in our project.

Álvaro María Olivera Nappa: Thanks for the talks and teach us how apply science and biotechnology in solutions for problems of society and help others.


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