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“Expanding the knowledge”

Our team realized the little knowledge that students have about the topic about synthetic biology, due to the fact that it is not included in the curriculum of each school in our country. For that reason, as a high school team, we were convinced that synthetic biology and genetic engineering were topics that not only the scientists were capable to handle, also students were capable to discuss these topics. To achieve this goal, we perform different talks in schools, teaching differents topics about synthetic biology: What is it? In what is present? As well as we motivate students of 9 to 12 grade to participate in the same talks, where they asked various questions creating a dynamic and interactive environment for the learning about this topic.

The number of students who got this talk were 623. Also likewise we expect that this number to increase and expand all around the country.

Also among the activities that we carry out, we invite to students to work in our laboratory, where they made simples manipulations of DNA, generating that they were interested and involved more these issues making this activity was more significant and useful for them.

The most important and rewarding thing during this process was the chance to teach and bring personalized science classes to as many students as we could. awakening a new scientific curiosity to many of the students who were present in our activities, motivating them to explore different areas of science and how beneficial it can be to solve big problems that we have every day.

In these talks we collect all the signatures of the students, professors and guests represented in the following graphics and photographs:

School "El Sembrador".

School "El Sembrador".

School "Divina Pastora".

School "Divina Pastora".


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