Team:SCUT-China A/Project Colourimetric-App


Colourimetric Application


        In the perverse experiments, we have developed an efficient method to detect metal ions. In order to make our method can be used more extensively and popularly, we plan to build up an application to help people who are non-professional to deal with the result of chromogenic reaction.
        So why we developed the APP of the smart phone in our project?
        1. Smart phones have been widely used in all over the world, and their ability of taking photos has become better and better, which is able to achieve gray scanning accurately. Therefore, an application helping people to use our devices can improve the convenience of our method.
        2. The gray scale of our result can been modeled to refer the concentration of metal ions.

Gray scanning analysis

        Each color in RGB model has a corresponding value, and each RGB value has a corresponding gray value which change as the color change. The darker the color is, the smaller the gray scale value is; The lighter the color is, the bigger the gray scale value is. The formula is

APP: Insight into metal ions

1. Choose metal element that user is going to detect. Initialize corresponding relative molecular mass, the Chinese name or the English name of the metal.
2. Take a picture of the colorimetric card, which can be taken by camera, or be obtained from the mobile album of your phone.
3. Obtain available color of the colorimetric card one by one.
4. Take a picture of the sample.
5. Obtain available color of the sample.
6. Process data. Based on data from step 3 and 5, by means of the formula, the app knows which section the color of the sample is in. So that the app works out the approximate concentration.
7. Display data. Based on the relative molecular mass and the concentration of last step, work out the concentration before dilution.