Team:SCU China/HP/Improve


       We have improved the function of two existing part this year.
      One is BBa_I13521, whose RBS was be submitted by the designed RBS. The new parts (BBa_K2276007, BBa_K2276008, especially BBa_K2276010) improved the translation rate of the original that the properties of BBa_I13521 as a reporter device could be improved with higher or slower sensitivity.
      Modeling details about it in our wiki, Experimental details about it in our wiki.
    The other is BBa_E2050, which only contains a CDS of mOrange. In order to make it expressed in E.coli, we added pTetR promotor(BBa_R0040), RBS(BBa_B0034) and double terminators(BBa_B0010 and BBa_B0012) to it, constructing a new reporter part (BBa_K2276009).