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Team Members

Zhang, Chen (Azir)

Captain and Programmer

Hi, I’m the captain of this team, and I’m in grade 11. as the captain, I didn’t do much experiment works. Instead, I finished the frame of wiki (maybe the next team will use it too) and the modeling. In school, I enjoy the process of learning biology and computer science (I know some knowledge about Python and HTML), which is the motivation of joining iGEM. In the free time, I like to play badminton.

This will be my first and last time of joining iGEM. When I was in grade 10, my teacher told me iGEM in the technology day of our school. I decided to join this competition right after I heard specific details about it. At the start of our iGEM project, I participated in most of the experiment works, because I have learnt more in genetic engineering than my teammates. From the mid-stage of our project, my teammates has more time and experience with the experiment part, I started to spent most of my time on Wiki and modeling works. All in all, I enjoy the time I spent on iGEM.

Chen, Xiaoxiao (Angela)

Captain and Art Editor

I am studying in Grade 12 now. Just as other 12th grade students, I am really confused with my future life in the university. I am having trouble with deciding the major of my university study. What I prefer is to learn something about Art; it can be designing or music, those will all be fine for me. However, what my mom wants me to do is to learn biology, because her own company is close relate to biology, and she wants me to take care of her company when I finish my school life. To be honest, I have lots of interest on biology, especially when we have class in the lab. I am always excited with the experiment and I can do well on it. Therefore, I thought iGEM would be a really helpful experience for me.

Instead of focusing much on the experiment, my major work is to complete most of the mission with art (logo designing, poster, and the power point for the presentation). I am really proud that my speciality can help my teams.

This time will be my last time to enter this competition as a high school student, but I think I will continue doing the iGEM competition. I’m looking forward to next year’s opportunity.

Ji, Huanding


Hello, I’m Huanding Ji from SHSBNU. Currently in grade 12, I had mainly taken responsibility in experiments in the summer vacation and weekends. I have very deep interest in biology and have nearly decided it as my major in college, which is the main reason why I decided to join iGEM_SHSBNU. Prior to this competition, I had taken part in Accelerated Biology Course, Advanced Biology Course, Gene Engineering Course, and trainings for various kinds of biological competitions. I tried to make use of all the resources available in our high school in the field of biology.

Guo, Weihang (Frank)


I am a team member in SHSBNU_China and my contribution for this team is HP part—making an interview and contact other teams for cooperation. At school, two other team members and I established Synthesis Biology club in order to let more students know there is a subject can even “create life”.About myself, this experience of taking part in IGEM really influence me a lot, it just like opening the door of the new world and also help me determine the direction of future study.

Li, Boxuan


Hello, I’m Boxuan Li, one of SHSBNU team. It is so lucky for me to meet my team members and I think the experience is extremely impressive. At first, because there are four students in our team, we need to learn more about biology, and then we also learnt about lab operation. During this summer holiday, I nearly spend all of my time on experiments. Certainly, I learned a lot in biological engineering and get good results on experiments. My works are experiments and searching some sources on non-invasive detection of bacteria and materials of capsules which suit our project. In conclusion, I hope our team can get some successful achievements.

Zhou, Haoyu (Kevin)


Hi, I am Haoyu Zhou. This year I am in grade 11. I did some of the experiment works. Collecting experiment record is a part of my job. Because I participated in almost all stages of those experiments, the work of picking up and arranging those information of submitted parts is also belong to me.

In my daily life, I am interested in computer science. But unfortunately, I am just at the beginning.

When I have free time, I would like to play piano. The music can always refresh myself. Also, I enjoy playing video game. Recently, I am playing Steep. I guess you will consider me as a snowboarding amateur, and that is true.

In fact, I had already heard about iGEM before our teacher began to organize this team. I think this could be a good chance for me to have a nice experience in biology. Just as my expected, I have learned lots of genetic relative knowledge. Besides this, the most important thing is that now I was led to the world of biology and I am able to access to more knowledge. Least but not last, iGEM provides me a chance to take an experience in teamwork. Maybe we cannot always get together to do the experiment and other work, but there is a degree of unity among us.

Ni, Chuan (Nick)


As the guidance teacher of team SHSBNU_China, I am a Biology teacher in 2nd HS attached to Beijing Normal University, international division. After my Graduation from Beijing Normal University, College of Life Science, as a PhD in Ecology, I have 6 years’ experiences of Biology teaching in my school, dedicating myself in creating different levels of Biology courses to fulfill demands of different students.

I started building our courses form the Standard Level Biology (SLB), then Moodle version (online) of SLB, and forwarded to Accelerated Biology Course (ABC) for enthusiastic students, as well as Honored Biology Course and Genetic Engineering Experiments for students who’s willing to study further and deeper in Biology. These different levels of Biology Courses have prepared the students for international Biology contests like iGEM. I’m so proud that my student could enjoy this challenging competition.

Wang, Xuan


I’m Xuan Wang, the advisor of SHSBNU_China 2017.

Former iGEMer, team leader of BNU_China 2014, now PhD candidate in Tsinghua, part-time employee of Bluepha.

I want to do several beautiful science projects, to teach several potential students.

Zhang, Yihao


Yihao Zhang is a PhD student from Peking University and also a four-time iGEM competitor. This year Yihao is the instructor of iGEM team Peking, and he accepted the role as advisor of SHSBNU_China to help young enthusiastic high school students to chase their dream of designing life.

Zhang, Haoqian


Dr. Zhang received his Ph.D. in Integrated Life Sciences (Biology) at Peking University in 2017 and B.A. in Biological Sciences at Peking University in 2012. He presently serves as the chief technology officer (CTO) of Bluepha Co., Ltd., a pioneering synthetic biology startup focused on organism engineering for the production of biopolymer polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) and commercialization of SynBio technologies. His research interest includes design and mining of high-quality biological parts, applying genetic circuits to real biotechnological scenarios, and genetic programming of non-model microorganisms. He has over 14 peer-reviewed publications. He has also instructed many iGEM teams including Team Peking over the past nine years and has won many prizes in the iGEM competition.

Chen, Guoqiang


Professor George Guo-Qiang CHEN received his BSc and PhD from South China University of Technology in 1985 and Graz University of Technology (Austria) in 1989, respectively. He has been focusing his research on microbial production and application of biopolyesters polyhydroxyalkanoates (abbreviated as PHA) and polymeric building blocks since 1986.


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