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Collaborations Collaboration with Light Harvester from ECUS


   We get in touch with team Light Harvester in June through our instructor. Even though we've gone through the High School student handbook, we’re still lacking some biotechnology lab skill. And since our lab is specifically established for the iGEM project in this year, we are lacking equipment resources. As a result, we learned extraction and transformation of plasmids, standardized aseptic manipulation, the extraction and purification of DNA, and how to operate various instruments and so on. With all the knowledge, we needed for completing the Lnterlab, our team starts the Interlab in August. We finished our final measurement of Interlab with their assistants about plate reader and their help upon the cultivation of final. In the first week, we dilute the fluorescein and measure the fluorescein solution’s standard curve. In the week after that, we measured OD600 Reference point and fluorescein fluorescence standard curve using protocols. Other than communicating about the experimental design between two groups, our team help them to check English grammar usage.

Collaboration with

SJTU SJTU Software iGEM 2017

As an attempt to strengthen communication between collegiate teams in China, our team answered the survey questions made by team form Shanghai Jiao Tong University so that they could gain more information about existing high school teams in China. We discussed and brainstormed the future tendency on high school level’s development of biotechnology also what we expected to create in order to establish a more harmonious science community in biotechnology field. As two distinct points of view which are standing from college and high school, we exchanged our ideas about the long-range outlook of iGEM, and generally we could conclude these into one key point: one was that the most serious problem that most high school teams faced is lacking experience of doing practical bioengineering and necessary professional scientific knowledge. Therefore, we expected to build a well-spread and influential network among high school teams, then all the teams could meet as a conference every year and attain help from each other. It also could create a big platform for collaboration among teams and provide opportunities for colligate teams to contact high school teams even offer certain help. What’s more, we also planned to produce a book for high school students for pedagogical meaning with Shanghai Jiao Tong University about synthetic biology, which might be more suitable and well-established for high school level.



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