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How close can the numbers be when fluorescence is measured all around the world?.

We are very proud to be able to contribute to the 2017 intrlab study. For us at SUIS it is first time we participate in iGEM, the interlab study provides us with a way to connect to the wider iGEM and synthetic biology community. The study also provided us with a worthwhile experience through collaborating and building relationships with some science departments at universities within our community. Overall the process was enriching and allowed us as a team to grow in confidence and develop our skills, in preparation for the design of our main project.
The purpose of this years study is for participating interlab teams to collect data which will be used to establish a Green Florescent Protein (GFP) measurement protocol based on engineering principles that anyone with a plate reader can use in their lab.
We followed the official standardized protocol from the iGEM foundation. Follow this link to learn more about the protocol. iGEM Interlab Information

OD600 referencing point

Fluorensein Standard Curve

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