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About our Team

We are thrilled to be able to represent Shanghai United International School family at iGEM 2017. Our Team consist of Grade 11 and 12 students from the WanYuan campus US high school of SUIS. We have only learned synthetic Biology for one year and this project makes our huge progress within this ever increasingly important field of science & technology. Read on to meet the team.

Welcome Maggie & Joy

Students Team Members

Zhizhu Zhang (Student Leader)

All things to do with the Project

Her alphabet only contains the letter A

Yuting Liu

Wet Lab guru

Is waaaaay older than you might think

Jia Jin

Interlab Study, Documentation

The scientist formerly known as King

Qianxun Liu

Human Practices

Actually does have a best friend Totoro

Wenyue Hu

Human Practices, Wiki Editing

Signs up to do far too much, then suffers consequences later

Xiaotian Ma

Lab Protcol Documentation

Self proclaimed "Maniac for Science"

Yuyan Zhu

Wiki & Team Design

Volleyball Player first, iGEMmer second

Jia Jun Gu (Instructor)
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