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Team SUSTC-Shenzhen


World never be complete until we meet together




√Register the team successfully


1.Document our project on Wiki

2. Attribution and acknowledgement page

3.Poster and presentation at iGEM jamboree

4.Complete and submit iGEM 2017 Judging_Form | Safety_Form

5.Document Part pages on the Registry

6.Submit DNA samples of Biobricks to registry

√Characterization / Contribution:

1.Participate in the Interlab Measurement

2.Submitted five new standard BioBrick central to our project Part Number: BBa_K2492000 | BBa_K2492001 | BBa_K2492002 | BBa_K2492003 | BBa_K2492004

3.Successfully entered information on the newly characterised part's Main Page in registry

Characterized part: BBa_K309016

Our new part: BBa_K2492000

√Validated Part / Validated Contribution:

Documented more than one new standard BioBrick central to our project on main page Part Number: BBa_K2492000| BBa_K2492001 | BBa_K2492002 | BBa_K2492003 | BBa_K2492004


Give aid to SIAT-SCIE with the core plasmid construction

See details

√Human Practices:

Deliver a neural imaging lecture with professor Li of Shenzhen University

See details

Spread the theory of synthetic biology to junior high school students

See details

√Integrated Human Practices:

Communicate with a behavioral psychology professor Peng Li of SZU and enhance our project design

Participate in Conference of China iGEMer Community and improve our project design

See details

√Improve a previous part

Improved part: BBa_K2005050

Our new part: BBa_K2492002

√Model your project

Successfully document model contribution to our project on wiki

√Demonstrate your work

Demonstrate the functional role of our project and prove our project works sucessfully


WetLab Group

2 plasmid, 14310kb and 10862kb
5 biobricks, interlab and characterization
Dozens of failures happened but we did it

Optics group

395, 470, 552, 610 nm inputs
430, 510, 520, 620 nm outputs
It is a game with lights

Microinjection group

30 times of injecting
Thousands of worms climbed over the plate
2 strains we finally got

Microfluidics group

3 PDMS chips
Designed, made, used by us
Through the results, effort is demonstrated


The Southern University of Science and Technology iGEM team (SUSTech_Shenzhen.2017) was responsible for almost all parts of this project on our own, including lab work execution, supply and reagent purchase, project idea conception. In addition, we would like to sincerely thank all those who have helped us over this year.


Professor Wei Huang, Biology

For providing essential lab facilities, kind advices on various aspects on our project like handware construction, microscope using.

Professor Yu Chung Tse, Biology

For providing advice on experimental design; also providing lab facilities, the worms of original strain, skills to culture worms

Professor Zhongying Zhao

For providing lab facilities for microinjection

Professor Suqiang Huang

For helping us with microfuildics experiments


Qutao Ding,Hong Kong Baptist University

For generously helping us with microinjection skills

Ming Luo,Shenzhen Fortunatt Company

For generously helping us with the use and maintaining of microscope. Especially, Engineer Luo help to capture 3D worm by light sheet microscope.

Hiroshi Kagoshima, National Institute of Genetics, Mishima, Shizuoka, Japan

For generously providing us plasimid PHK130, PHK140 . scource link

Members of the Huang Lab, including Baoyun Cheng, Deng Tan, Jiashun Xiao, Xiuyun Zhu

For providing incredible amount of help and suggestion in molecular and cell experiment

Members of teaching Lab of biology department, including, Fangxing Jia

For providing help and suggestions on molecular and cell experiments

The member of 2016 SUSTech_Shenzhen team, Weiduo Liao

For helping us with the wiki construction

Members of 2016 SUSTech_Shenzhen team, including Dashan Gao, Jie Yang

For creating the rough idea of the project

Ex-members of 2017 SUSTech_Shenzhen team, including Jia Yuhang, Su Shengxin, Tang Yisen, Zhou Xuening, Peng Jingyi

For involving the project and we will be friends forever

The freshman of SUSTech, Chufan Xiao

For making some icongraph in our wiki

SUSTech Presidential Foundation

For generously providing funds for research and travelling

It is our pleased that you are interested in our project. We will keep moving to understand the wisdom of live! Thank your! Princess Basma Bint Ali! :)

Made by from the elegans.Inc in SUSTech_Shenzhen.

Licensed under CC BY 4.0.