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Team SUSTC-Shenzhen

Science can no longer isolate itself in the ivory tower. Especially synthetic biology, that due to its multi properties and high social impact, needs to maintain constant communication with other scientific communities as well as general public. Thus throughout the stages of our iGEM project, we involved related scientific fields, other iGEM teams, as well as junior high school students with the basic biology course. Social interactions in human practice have been a cornerstone of our scientific methods from the very beginning. Our human practice can be divided into three main parts:

Engagement and education

We held a mini symposium with Prof. Zhihao Li, an expert in cognitive science and brain imaging, to promote interdisciplinary communication to other disciplinary of biomedical sciences not normally exposed to synthetic biology. We also taught the junior high school students from Sichuan Province on synthetic biology and the past and present iGEM projects of our University.

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Seminar with psychology professor enlightened us to improve our behavioral experiment design.

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Through collaboration with two high school iGEM teams, we made great efforts to lower the barrier for high school students to participate in iGEM, by helping them with molecular cloning biology and protein expression.

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