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Category Name Description
Coding BBa_K2492001 CoChR
Reporter BBa_K2492000 GFP optimized with three introns for C.elegans
Reporter BBa_K2492002 mCherry optimized with three introns for C.elegans
Coding BBa_K2492003 GEM-GECO calcium indicator
Promoter BBa_K2492004 Odr-10

Since our project is based on ontogenetic tools to manipulate the neuron activity, we submit five basic parts which are essential for achieving our goals. This collection provides several parts which are used as promoter in certain neuron, light sensor, activation indicator and location reporter.

One of important constructed plasmid is Pord-10::CoChR::GEM-GECO::mCherry. Part BBa_K2492004 (Podr-10)provides an neuron AWA specific promoter which drives channelrhodopsins and calcium indicator specifically expressed in AWA. Part BBa_K2492001(CoChR) provides channelrodopsin(CoChR), which serves as a light switch. In order an part to manipulate neuron activity through ~470nm excitation light, we choose this part, which is benefit for sensitive to blue light. BBa_K2492003(GEM-GECO) is an calcium ions indicator part, it provides the function of monitoring and responding to the concentration of calcium ions. This part provides us with more direct visualisation of neuron activity. Part BBa_K2492002 codes mCherry, which indicates the position of neuron AWA. This fluorescence reporter direct reveals the position of transgenic neurons and roughly estimate the expression level of injected plasmids. Part BBa_K2492000 is GFP for C.elegans. Both reporter proteins(GFP and mCherry) are modified, which enables the good expression in C.elegans.

Thus, we provide a collection of parts work together to manipulate and visualize neurons in C.elegans.

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