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Investigators and Instructors


He is the Primary principal investigator of our team. He helped us with certain technical aspects of the project and assisted us in tackling all the logistical challenges that we faced. Being our investigator since our very first year in iGEM, he has been the guiding light for us.


He is a visiting Professor and is the Secondary principal investigator of our team. He helped us with registration and fundraising. Being a veteran in the field of bio-technology, he aided us with his immense knowledge and experience.


He is an Assistant professor and our team’s Instructor. He is a pro in genetics and he assisted us in troubleshooting all our problems associated with wet lab experiments and has been a huge help to us in optimizing all our cloning strategies.

Team Members

Ramit B(Biotechnology, 4th year)

The team leader and a person with great responsibility, he has played an integral role in generating the project idea , wet lab, modeling and designing our genetic circuits. He guided us throughout in other areas of work such as HP and collaboration and is also a part of the software team.

Veveeyan S(Biotechnology, 4th year)

The head of our wetlab team who is skilled at troubleshooting. He has played a vital role in optimizing the protocols and provided his guidance while carrying out all the lab experiments.

Lakshmi S(Biotechnology, 3rd year)

She belongs to the wetlab team and her previous iGEM experience has helped to guide the team in many ways. She was also involved in regularly documenting the activities of the team fund-raising and helped in conducting many human practices activities.

Lavanya J(Biotechnology, 3rd year)

A member of the wetlab team who works with the utmost responsibility and care. She plays an important role in documenting the team's work and has also engaged herself in fund-raising and carrying out HP works such as visiting schools and industries.

Sruthi R(Biotechnology, 3rd year)

She was actively involved in all the human practices activities and is one of the members of collaboration team as well. She also managed our social media activities and helped the team in grossing funds through our crowd-funding page.

Aparna Madan(Biotechnology, 3rd year)

She had made a considerable contribution to the human practices team by engaging in all its activities . She was also in-charge of keeping track of deadlines, collaboration and funding.

Vignesh G(Biotechnology, 3rd year)

He is an intrinsic part of the HP team. He also worked on documenting all our images and played a key role in wiki-styling.

Lokapriya D(Biotechnology, 3rd year)

She worked in the HP team with great energy and responsibility and was also actively involved in fund-raising.

Aditi Valecha(Biotechnology, 4th year)

The head of the Interlab team who has successfully accomplished the Interlab measurement study through her efforts and interest. She also guided the HP team and played a pivotal role in organising the Bio-hackathon. In addition to this, she also helped in fund-raising and in the submission of safety forms.

Azhagammal S C(Biotechnology, 4th year)

She is the head of the modeling team and also helped in Interlab. She guided the human practices team by giving innovative ideas and accomplishing it. The Biohackathon was organised by her and she aided in fund-raising as well.

Keshav Aditya R P(Computer Science, 4th year)

He is a key member of the software team. He was involved in customizing our wiki, made notable contributions in grossing funds and in organising the Biohackathon.

Dipika Rajesh(Computer Science, 4th year)

She has been involved in the development of our software tool. Besides, she also helped the team to pool in funds and to organize the Biohackathon.

Laksh Khanter(Computer Science, 4th year)

The person behind our logos, images, t-shirts, posters and wiki page. Needless to say he is a militant worker who constantly comes up with innovative ideas. He also helped the team in organizing the Biohackathon.

Our Mentors

Arun Kumar

A member of the 2015 iGEM team and currently pursuing his Masters in Biology in LMU, Germany, he helped us with designing our experiments and standardizing our protocols.

Jayaprakash Srinivasan

Another member of the 2015 iGEM team and currently pursuing a Masters degree in Molecular and Cell Biology in Heidelberg University, Germany, he has helped us with designing our experiments and provided a critical insight into designing principles of the RNA secondary structures.

Varshini Rajagopal

She was an intrinsic part of the 2015 & iGEM 2016 team and is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Molecular biology in Uppsala University, Sweden.This year she has mentored our team by guiding us in the lab , funding and also in the shipment of our chemicals and samples.

Vidya Srokshna

One of our mentors and the person behind the optimization and standardization of all our lab protocols, she has guided the team with her previous iGEM experience. Currently, she is pursuing her post graduate studies in biology in LMU, Germany.

Samudra Sabari

At present she is doing her Post graduate studies in Molecular Biology in Uppsala University, Sweden. She had participated in iGEM 2015 and 2016. With that experience, she guided us to carry out our HP works and also helped us to complete the Interlab measurement studies.

We are grateful to:

Saksin life sciences Pvt Ltd for their immense support, who provided us with their plate reader and lab space for carrying out the expression studies. They also helped us optimize some of our protocols and troubleshoot the problems that we faced while using the plate reader.