Register The Team

We have registered a great team and had a great summer for processing our project. For now we are now looking forward to the Giant Jamboree.


We have filled out all the forms and pages that are required carefully. Also, we prepared our poster and presentation to better show you guys about our project.


The attributions page on our team wiki page contains the attributions of all the works done for our project, clearly distinguishing the work done by the students of our team and others.


We have participated in the Interlab Measurement Study this tear and got a serious of reliable and restrict data.


New Part Submission

This year we have constructed a lot of parts, here we show the three best new parts we did:

The first one is ‘Rpa-Las converter’ , which can convert Rpa molecules into Las molecules.


The second one is ‘LasR+pLas-GFP HSL inducible fluorescent actuator', which can be induced by several AHLs and test their crosstalk.


The last one is ‘Las molecule generator’, which can produce Las 3OC12-HSL without inducer.


We have successfully characterized these three new parts and submitted the data to the main page. Finally, we have submitted them to the iGEM Parts Registry on time.


We have collaborated with other iGEM teams in meaningful ways and made contributions to projects of other teams.

* We worked as a leader and collaborated with other 10 iGEM teams to take videos about biosafety.

* We provided USTC a kind of reagent – CdS nanoparticles for testing whether CdS nanoparticles can increase the cathode-current as expected. Eventually, we received their feedback of their data.

* We helped UCAS characterize their nitrogen promoter to make their data more solid.

* We visited Fudan and finally gave them a realistic model for their project.

* We have collected parts from other teams to help us for constructing our devices library.

* We have attended many conferences and have meetings with many iGEM teams. We have participated in CCiC in FAFU, and one of our team member, Mingzhe Chen, has be invited to give a short introduction about quorum sensing system.

Human Practice

The great amount of work we have done for Human Practices has given rise to the increasing interests of Synthetic Biology of at least hundreds of adults from different fields. Firstly,we have done public education: In this part, we brought synthetic biology and MagicBlock to the public. We visited high schools to introduce synthetic biology to the students and to guide them to design bio-product using MagicBlock. We also used Social media to publicize synthetic biology and our project. Secondly, we leaded biosafety videos for 10 iGEM teams: Biosafety is one of the most important issues everyone should be aware of before starting any biology related experiments. However, the biosafety education in China is far behind the fast development of modern biological research. In some places, students are not trained properly because of the outdated education material or the language barrier that prevent them from reading biosafety guidelines written in English.


Integrated Human Practice

Our integrated human practice constitutively guides our project in various ways:

From one hand, inspired by the creativity and enthusiasm of non-biologists through interviews and questionnaires, we have found that many people are very enthusiastic and imaginative about bio-designs, yet have little knowledge in synthetic biology and little lab experience.

During the invention of MagicBlock, we maintain contact with the public, to test MagicBlock as well as receiving suggestions. we held two workshops, guiding participants to use MagicBlock to design their own bio-products. We received various thought-provoking designs using MagicBlock elements, such as water pollution alarm, synthetic music, and bacteria painting panel .et al, all originated from non-biologists.

During this practice, we received valuable suggestions to improve MagicBlock .

Very importantly, we have received professional insights from professors, which provide direction for follow-up work including human practice, hardware and software design, and modeling.

Improved Basic Parts

We have improved two basic parts (LasI/LasR coding sequence) and integrated their function. The data of improved parts and the systems of integrated parts can be found through the following link:


We simplify the actual biology process into basic model that only remains input molecule, promotor, transcription gene, mRNA, goal protein and output molecule from both dynamic perspective and responding ability. In developed model, we consider different conditions including the population growth, diffusion of signal and decay of signal molecules in cells. which will have influence on our block. Finally, we completely construct the model of our block, which will instruct our experiment results and using of our system. Moreover, this model does some basic researches on population and new measurement methods.

The detailed information can be found through the following link:

Demonstrate Our Work

In the result section, we have showed that each of our parts (hardware, software, wet lab, model and human practice) work beautifully as expected! Therefore, we claim optimistically that our prototype MagicBlock platform has proved the concept in engaging more people to practice synthetic biology!


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