How the feedbacks influence our project?

After the workshop, we invited the users to give us some feedbacks. The feedback is immediately taken into consideration for our project.

Main improvements led by the feedbacks

‘I felt it’s difficult to decide which part to use. Can you build a database easy for users to search?’

We build a part database, including input like the light sensor, output like GFP, etc. Our users can search in this database and use such parts to build their own design diagram.

‘It is awesome. But I have one suggestion. Actually common users don’t need to prepare the robot on their own, live videos might be good enough.’

Beforehand, we thought each user should have their own robot and launch the experiment at different places. Considering the suggestions from the workshop, we created a cloud platform with lab live streaming, which enables all the users to test the part on the same platform and integrate the database together.

Other improvements

Based on the questionnaires and deep interviews, we also improved our software and hardware, including reducing the mechanic force of the robot, adding ‘help’ instructions in the software as well as improving the user interface.


Overall, the participants were surprised and attracted by Magicblock and showed their great support. We will keep their advice in mind and keep improving our project in the future. We believe that the Magicblock will one day help more people realize their synthetic biology dreams.