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Basic Part

Name Type Description Length
BBa_K2200000 RNA Guide RNA (gRNA) is a specific molecule that guides the Cas nuclease to a targeted dsDNA sequence. 20
BBa_K2200001 RNA gRNA used as a control 20
BBa_K2200003 Regulatory Human U6 promoter is a common part for eukaryotic expression systems. 258
BBa_K2200004 Regulatory pHEf1A promoter is a common promoter for eukaryotic expression systems. 1174
BBa_K2200005 Coding hCas9 4104
BBa_K2200007 Coding Gal4 transcription factor is a positive regulator.It's activity can be greatly enhanced by adding th 1233
BBa_K2200012 Regulatory the miRNA was designed to target and downregulate the expression of SAMMSON gene. 128
BBa_K2200014 Regulatory This part can specially cleavage mutant BRAF gene in melanoma cells with the regulation of miRNA 4195