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We improved part BBa_K1470002. We made some changes to the original part sequence so we then registered a new part BBa_K2200007.

The sequence of this submitted part:

Our modeling results showed that our sgRNA sequence has high cleavage efficiency on the mutated BRAF gene, as well as a high risk of off-target effect. To avoid the off-target effect on normal cells, we tried hard to develop an regulatory system for the CRISPR/Cas9 system. At first, we thought about simply promote the system by the mutant hTERT but found it is a weak promoter. We then considered enhancing the function of the promoter. We focused on the NF-KB p65 protein. However, we should change our direction since we found an article with complete results and their design is exactly the same as ours. So we have to look for other directions (that is, our present regulate system,for more information please enter

We thought the Gal4-p65 could still be an improvement for BBa_K1470002 although we didn’t utilize it in our final project.



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