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About us

About Our Team

Team Shenzhen_SFLS is from Shenzhen Foreign Languages School in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. We have attended iGEM competition for 3 years, and now we are spending the fourth year attending this competition. (We inherit Team Shenzhen_SFLS from seniors:) )

The whole team includes 4 groups: the group of theory and experiment, the group of human practice, the group of modeling and the group of designing and coding.

There are 9 members in the theory and experiment group, 6 members in the human practice group, 1 member in the modeling group and 1 member in the designing and coding group.

There are 3 boys and 14 girls in our team.

There are 17 interesting students in our team!

We started working together since January, 2017.

Nice to meet you!

Team Members

Meet Our Team

Mixiao Gui


Mixiao Gui, being fascinated by the amazing molecular world. iGEM is definitely the most important task after school and I always have unlimited energy for constructing our project and the experiments.

I had never been in charge of any organizations before, so being a leader is an extraordinary experience for me. I have got a bunch of things to deal with while having little experience of them.

Sometimes I can be depressed and anxious, give me some time and I will be energetic again.

Suxuan Wang


Hello every one! I’m Suxuan Wang, whose passion is Biology, hope to develop the bio-technology for the well-being of the people. Being responsible for leading our team, organization is a challenge for me and I try my best to connect the members in each group.

Joining the iGEM team, I gain plenty of essential and unforgettable experience, which is one of the indispensable assistants for my growth. Directly contacting to the public, I find what people are suffering from and interested in.

DO hope our team can relieve their pain and bring countless happiness for their life.

Zisang Yang

Designing & Coding

Hello everyone, my name is Zisang Yang, a maniac. I have a large passion and curiosity for anything new and I love my team members. I developed deep interest in computer science, interactive programming and multi-media designing since middle school.

I’d like to make it my all-time interest and get a profound learning into it as well. Joining iGEM gives me a perfect chance to dig into what I love and to get a better understanding of the systematicness of life, which makes the past year amazing and exciting for me.

My dream is to be killed by the program designed by grown-self.

Jingtong Huang

Human Practice

Hello! I am Jingtong Huang, a member of Human Practice from SFLS senior 2. After joining in iGEM_SFLS 2017, I experienced a busy and energetic year.

I have gained a lot, and this is an unforgettable time. “There is no such thing as a great talent without great will-power.”

Xiaoyi Wang


Xiaoyi Wang, the person who’s in charge of the modeling group, as well as the only group member. It is my first time encountering mathematical modeling, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Yue Chen

Theory & Experiment

My name is Chenyue. I am one of the members of Theory Experiment.

Yiting Xiang

Theory & Experiment

Hey, I’m Meredith (A.K.A Eating) from Team Shenzhen_SFLS. I’m in charge of plasmid construction and parts in the theory&experiment group.

Being a lover of numbers and computer science, I also help with the modeling group. By the way, I’m a decent volleyball setter on our varsity team. Since it’ll be unaffordable for our school to purchase us a volleyball practice machine, I’m recently trying to design one on my own and realize the model.

One is maths, two is maths, three is still maths. It’ ll be such a pleasure of mine (also Xiaoyi’s) to solve the problem of hair loss among science researchers worldwide.

Runqi Zhu

Theory & Experiment

Hello,I’m Runqi Zhu from SFLS.I work in the 2017 SFLS iGEM team as a theory.I’m glad to be an iGEMer,and enjoying the whole process of designing,experimenting and team-working.

When I first join the team I know little about synthetic biology,and now after several month of learning,I become familiar with it and want to see more about it.So I’m looking forward to see the giant jamboree.

My dream is to sleep on a big bed for 10h and have 3 big meals one day.

Yuhao Wan

Theory & Experiment

I’m Ricky (Wan Yuhao), a 16 years old high school student in Shenzhen Foreign Language School and a member in the theory&experiment group of our team (Team Shenzhen_SFLS).

In school, I’m absolutely a science boy. I love all kinds of science subjects, including physics, biology and mathematics, always feel energetic to exploring or learning new knowledge.

In life, I am more willing to enjoy some hobbies with friends or alone. I love basketball and swimming, being part of the school basketball team. Besides sports, I also enjoy musics, books and even Rubik’s cube, with my favourite: hip-hop and science fiction.

Yingxuan Tan

Theory & Experiment

I am Tan Yingxuan from sfls. As a member of the experiment and theory group, I have learnt a lot in the field of biology.

Also, as a member of the sfls igem team, I have got to know more people and gained some precious experiences. I am glad that I participate in this competition, or a game for me. I really enjoy myself :)

Lan Shen

Theory & Experiment

Lan Shen, from team SFLS, works as a member of Theory and Experiment group. Love Biology and glad to participate in such a wonderful competition.

Hope to work hard and help SFLS team get closer to good results. It's wonderful to work with all of you!

Shuanghua Lai

Theory & Experiment

My name is Shuanghua Lai and my English name is Stella. I’m a member of Theory and Experiment fields. I’m interested in biology but not good at it. I’ll try my best.

Qinni Zhang

Human Practice

I am mainly responsible for the summary after activities. I also participate in the organization of every social research, including the early and later work.

Because this type of competition is the the first time for me, I am looking forward to cooperating with the team. This experience is very valuable to me and I do hope to get good grades.

Ziqi Zheng

Human Practice

When realizing my passion for management and outreach and decide to be an art student while still holding a great love for biology research, iGEM comes just in time. For so far, it’s been like a dream.

Failed again and again giving out questionaires is one of the most precious memories with my workmates, setback always means a lot.

Though we may not have chance to have takeaway altogether in the computer room while raining heavily outside, it will still stay in mind no doubt.

Love and hugs!!!

Fang Li

Human Practice

Hello, I'm Fang Li.I'm just a common student having great enthusiasm and expectation in iGEM2017! I like my team and I'm a member of human practice.

We've tried to organize many social activities. Although sometimes we failed again and again, it is extremely motivating for our team to be closer together to make events a success.

I commit to report back to them daily, or something like that and stick to it!I will always work harder to let myself do not regret.

Xuelan Li

Human Practice

I am Xuelan Li, a member in the team Shenzhen_SFLS. My mission is to contact with the pharmaceutical factory in order to know better of the process of putting the drugs into markets and organize the activities related to the HP. iGEM is not only a competition in my mind, but also an anneal that lets myself become better, especially the skills of communication and education.

Yuheng Dai

Theory & Experiment & Human Practice

I’m a very positive person. I love to laugh when we are working. I just really cannot be serious. In my spare time, I love reading, writing and biking. I have always been interested in biology, so I really regard iGEM as a very good opportunity for me to know more about biology.


Yaoting Gui


Professor Yaoting Gui, the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Shenzhen PKU-HKUST Medical Center.

Fangting Zhang


Professor Fangting Zhang, the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Shenzhen PKU-HKUST Medical Center

Xinbo Huang


Mr. Xinbo Huang, a postgraduate student in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Shenzhen PKU-HKUST Medical Center.

Xiaomin Luo


Mr. Xiaomin Luo, a post-doctor fellow in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Shenzhen PKU-HKUST Medical Center.

Minghua Li


Mr. Minghua Li, a technologist in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Shenzhen PKU-HKUST Medical Center

Chengle Zhuang


Mr. Chengle Zhuang, a Ph.D student in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Shenzhen PKU-HKUST Medical Center.


Ruibing Xu


Yiqiu Zhang


Chen Liang


Zitong Chen


Weina Dai


Zixin Huang


Jiacheng Wang


Mingteng Pan




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