This page listed journals and important protocols of our project.

Month 1(Oct 2016)

      We recruited our new team members. We were busy brainstorming our project and preparing for iGEM competition. Everyone searched online and read articles for reading discussion.

Month 2(Nov 2016)

      We selected two projects for intensive study. One was “directed evolution of proteins”; the other was “action of antimicrobial peptides”. After we divided our team members into two groups and each group was responsible for one of the projects. We searched online and read many articles related to our projects, and perfected design.

Month 3(Dec 2016)

      We did a pre experiment about directed evolution of proteins, but the result was not very well. After discussion, we decided to give up the project of directed evolution of proteins, which lacked sufficient experimental conditions.

Month 4(Jan 2017)

      Focusing on tumor - targeting therapies, we wanted to construct a positive bacterium for targeting drug carriers to increase the efficiency of tumor-targeted therapy. We perfected project design and made a plan about the procedures of all the experiments.

Month 5(Feb 2017)

      We did a pre experiment about the construct of a positive bacterium, and the results showed that the experimental project is not feasible, after a series of discussion and analyses; we changed the direction of the project and turned it into exploiting Quorum-Sensing.

Month 6(Mar 2017)

      We confirmed our project. A majority of the team members wanted to be focused on detecting antibiotics. Then we searched online and read many articles related to our projects. We also consulted many experts in detecting antibiotics and discussed our projects with instructors. We also made a plan about the procedures of all the experiments.

Month 7(Apr 2017)

      We divided our team members into several groups and each group was responsible for one part of the competition. We were busy with kit construction and part construction.

Month 8(May 2017)

      We went on with part construction and lab work. We were also contacting different authorities and scheduled for community activities. We even designed questionnaires to collect public opinion about detecting antibiotics and our project.

Month 9(June 2017)

      As a result of the experimental results and other factors, we began to replace the carrier. The skeleton plasmid transformed from pSB1C3 to pSB4A5.

Month 10(Jul 2017)

      We finished a part of building jobs and continued to build other circuits.

Month 11(Aug 2017)

      We successfully constructed all our parts and expressed GFP. We began to test the fluorescence production efficiency of detecting system. Meanwhile, we did some human practices such as community propagation, interviews and collaborations with other iGEMers!

Month12(Sep 2017)

      We were busy with project optimization, wiki construction, logo design and visa application.

Month 13(Oct 2017)

      Everyone was busy with the project, from lab work, data analysis, writing staff, modeling to human practices.