team photo

Team Introduction

      Three senior, seven junior and two sophomore students formed our team, that is SICAU - China . We are from different grades, different majors, but we have the same aspiration. We get familiar with each other from the first meet to learning and working together. In this process, we not only harvest knowledge and experimental skills, but also grow together, waiting for the results and then smiling or being disappointed .This is a team with joy, as all the other IGEM teams.
      We appreciate our instructors, advisors and all the others who has provided valuable advices and essential materials for our project. Thanks for the dedication of all of you, because of it, we made it.

Our PI

Qi Wu
Ph.D. Professor, doctoral tutor, director of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Life Sciences. Lectures undergraduate "basic biochemistry" and "molecular biology", graduate students "molecular biology and experimental technology" and other courses. Mainly engaged in the synthesis of flavonoids from buckwheat, the flavonase mechanism of flavonoid synthesis and resistance to molecular mechanism.
Xiaogang Du
Associate Professor. Sichuan Province academic and technical leaders reserve candidates.Working in Sichuan Agricultural University, College of Life Sciences. Director of Biotechnology and Applied Biology. At present, mainly engaged in animal molecular immunology, and vaccine immune mechanism research.


Renyu Deng
Hi, I am Renyu Deng. I am the founder of SiCAU igem. We took three years from the team's establishment to joining the competition. It is not easy to overcome the problems in this road. Hope we can develop better and make good results this year.

Team Member

Wenwen Lin

I’m a senior student majoring in bioengineering. I’ve been in the team for three years, and also the second team leader since my team setting up. In 2017 iGEM, in which my team participated for the first time, we have to face to kinds of problems containing unfamiliar competition process, inadequate knowledge reserves, and even lack of funding. However, both my team and iGEM competition have brought me a colorful and unforgettable college life.

Junsheng Liang

I am Junshen Liang, you can call me sheng! My favorite is delicacy just like the all fatty in the world. I prefer to make fine food compared with enjoying the food, and stay at home. I want to travele all over the world and find more delicacy.

Guowen Jia

I am Guowen Jia, major in bioengineering. I joined the SiCAU-iGEM team for two years, where I met a lot of friends learned a lot of knowledge.Thank my teammates for taking care of me all the time.This is the first time we join igem.For me the results are not important,I like to the time we together.

YanLin Zhang

I am Yanlin Zhang, major in bioscience. In my mind, I would like to be a shepherd fulling of knowledge, moving with the plump aquatic plants. I like the moment when fresh blood injects into my body. This year my main work is wet lab.

Mengting He

I am a junior student. My major is bioengineering.It is lucky to meet so many like-minded friends in SiCAU-iGEM team. This may be the most memorable thing in my college life. In this competition,I am mainly responsible for the Wet lab.

Jue Gong

my major is Biological engineering. This is the second year since I joined in igem, I have a great interest in igem and Synthetic biology. I am very lucky to be a number of this team where we share the same interest. This summer I gain more in the progress of constructing wiki which is my first time try to learn web page.

Yushuang Ren

I am a student major in biotechnology.My sign is Virgo but I have not cleanliness. I have great interest in scientific research. This is the first time we join in igem competition , and my main work is Wet lab.

Lingyan Zhao

I am a 4th year student majoring in biotechnology.And I like the art things, like drawing, singing ,potography. This is our first time to participate in iGEM, I am so excited and looking forward, although we have to solve so many problems in every items. In this process we learned new things, and improve our teamwork and relationships as well, which is wanderful. Of course, I hope we can do a good job in this competition. XD

Jiayang Zou

I'm Zou Jiayang, a senior student majoring in bioengineering. My main work is Wiki construction, but in fact, I'm a real green hand. When I decide work in Wiki construction, I never thought of it so difficlut. Although the road is bumpy and our Wiki are not perfect even a bit bad, we made it.

Xiaofeng Chen

I have great interest in Synthetic biology and I like to look at life in an optimistic way. This year my main work is Wet lab. I have learned teamwork here and gained precious friendship in the process of this competition.

YiFei Wang

I am currently studying in SiCAU, as an undergraduate of biotechnology major. I have a very wide range of hobbies, I usually like to watch dramas and play hearthstone, but most of the time spent in the laboratory. iGEM is biological class I attended the first race, so I give my full of expectation and enthusiasm, my credo is: give me a stage, return you a wonderful.

Huan Wei

I am a. creative undergraduate student from SiCAU, who has a wide range of interests. And I'd like to learn things what I want, just like iGEM, synthetic biology, website establishment, etc. My motto in life is that no matter how it gets, the sun will always come out.