Team:Szeged SA RMG/highschooloutreach

Publicize our project at highschool

On the 13th-14th October we decided to advertise our project in the school. We took our poster on the floor which had the most traffic of students and the school members who were interested in the project could receive further pieces of information and fill out our survey. Fortunately, many students were eager to gain more information, which really inspired us.

Giving a lecture to Nobel Laurate Prof. Bert Sakmann

On the 20th of April, we had the possibility to give a presentation to Mr. Bert Sakmann and Dr. Arthur Konnerth about our project. The scientists were very interested in this topic, therefore they asked many interesting questions, and advised us, which was a great honour for us. As Professor Sakmann regularly visits the Szeged Scientist Academy's events, we should inform him about the results in December this year. Some of our school members also participated in this presentation, and they were amazed that such a great project takes place in their school.