Team:TCFSH Taiwan/Attributions


Wei-Shin Chuang

Provide us administrative help and deal with fundraising.

Chun-Chi Huang

Accompany us to the US to attend the Giant Jamboree.

Hui-Chun Li

Help us deal with our English problems, and edit our wiki.

Yung-Jen Kung

Provide us valuable suggestions with our experiments, biobrick concept, and take care of our difficulties.


Wen-Liang Chen

Give us many ideas about the project, and help us with our collaboration.

Lei Wan

Help us with our experiments, lend us his laboratory.

Cheng-Ming Chang

Give us valuable information about temperature monitoring stickers that already exist and help us understand how low-temperature transport is carried out.

Chien-Chih Yu

Tell us how medicines are transported.



Help us understand the iGEM competition, help with our experiments and teache us how to design a wiki page.

VEDAN corporation

Give us many data and directions for us to go, introduce food challenge test and UV light will cause the loss of nutrition of the refresh drinks.

Mitsui O.S.K

Give us some transporting information, and filled up the questionnaire for us.

Polysciences INC

Tell us how chemicals are delivered.