Team:TCFSH Taiwan/Basic Part

Basic Parts

We provide few basic parts which are used in our Detecoli, includingBBa_K2383001andBBa_K2383010.


This chromoprotein from the "Cnidopus japonicus" sea anemone, cjBlue, naturally exhibits dark green color when expressed. Compared to some other chromoproteins, such as amilCP (BBa_K592009), amilGFP (BBa_K592010), spisPink (BBa_K1033932), asPink (BBa_K1033933) and aeBlue (BBa_K864401), the color development is slower. The color is readily observed in both LB or on agar plates after 24-48 hours of incubation. The sequence is codon optimized for expression in "E. coli". We add a LVA tag after protein, then proteinases will more likely yo break it down, and wull thus make it degrade faster.


LacI without LVA tag

These two are the basic parts we use in our project.

BBa_K2383003 (PcsiR1)

We are NOT the founder of this promoter. It’s Rice University that come up with it. PCsiR1 is a promoter for UirS and UirR. It is a more effective promoter, compared to Plsir, according to the researches Rice University had done. All credits belong to Rice University. Learn more from the link

We had a difficult time finding the sequence of this promoter, and we don’t want the future team to fall into the same problem in the future. So, here is the sequence of the promoter. Length 109 bp.