Team:TCFSH Taiwan/Collaborations


Collaboration plays an important role among iGEMers, for we have become companions with reciprocity interactions. This year, we have done collaborations with NCTU_Formosa iGEM team.

The new iGEM team

NCTU_Formosa started to introduce experiments which is related to iGEM to the science-gifted class of Taichung First Senior High School(TCFSH) since April 14. Gradually, the background knowledge of synthetic biology was adequate, then the cogitation of combination to engineering and biology was shared, the core of the gene regulation, the design of biobricks were taught. What's more, they introduce previous project from NCTU_Formasa, giving us the prospect of the competition.

Learning the progress

The instructor of NCTU_Formosa, Pro. Wen-Liang Chen, invited us to learn about biology to our lab in the last semester. NCTU_Formosa then gave us a series of training, the SOP of NCTU_Formosa's wet lab protocol, including Cultivation of E. Coli, Miniprep, Digestion, Ligation, Transformation, PCR, and Gel Electrophoresis.

Participate in iGEM

We decided to participate in iGEM this year, as the first year of TCFSH_Taiwan. NCTU_Formasa members taught us many things such as useful databases (NCBI, Uniport), useful tools for protein (BLAST, COBALT, CD search), biology experiment design and debug, and write biobricks for synthesis.

Bidirectional cooperation

Our team member helped NCTU_Formosa to do the double check on the correctness of their composite parts. we took their sample to run the Taq PCR and also ensured the band of each composite parts were correct with gel electrophoresis.

Our team member, BO CHING, WU , was loading the Taq PCR products of NCTU_Formosa's five composite parts biobricks.

The result of gel electrophoresis is shown in the figure.

After comparison to the marker, they got the band size and did the double confirmation for our composite parts.