Team:TCFSH Taiwan/Demonstrate


We designed a device to detect harmful UV lights and high temperature, and we are able to confirm if it is working. The original color of our device is light green, but when it is exposed to excess UV light, its color will turn red. On the other hand, if the device is left in an environment of high temperature for too long, it will turn blue. It should be noted that if the device is not effective at all, it will be colorless, namely, white. Our design of the device will prevent E. coli from leaking out, and the E. coli in it will be annihilated after use. In the end, it can be freely disposed of without causing any potential health concern.


The device is a non-recyclable sticker, with a plastic wrap containing LB (E. coli’s food) and two kinds of bubbles. One is the “activating bubble,” which is filled with dried E. coli The other is the “terminating bubble,” which contains antiseptics to kill the E. coli after use. Under the plastic is a layer of viscose, making it possible for the device to stick to the surface of another object.


The following steps are the correct way to use our product. First, crush the “activating bubble,” and stick the sticker on the cargo. Second, when the cargo arrives at its destination, check the color of the sticker. Finally, crush the “terminating bubble,” and simply dispose of it.


Many may have the concern about the safety issue of our device. They are afraid that the bacteria in our device will leak out and cause damage to the human body or the environment. Rest assured because the device actually comes with a triple protection design.(See more safety in Safety)

Further consideration

We plan to disign a software as the follow picture shows