Team:TCFSH Taiwan/Engagement

Public Engagament

As we all know, human practice plays one of the most significant part in iGEM. Being the first-year-participating iGEM team, we feel the enthusiasm from many other teams. We have received various of meetup and interaction invitations.


Transportation litigations and disputes have long been a problem in the society which logistics and international transportation plays an essential role in commerce. We aimed to solving this problem despite we didn’t know the issue very well. Therefore, with an eye to knowing the problem detailly, we designed a series of questionnaires and release them on the internet. We have received nearly 1,000 replies from the public. Some reminded us the problems we might come across, and others even introduced new orientations to us. Besides, we interviewed an international ship entrepreneur via Internet, which is also helpful in understanding the international transportation.

95 percents of the sample think it is helpful to use our product


The interaction between teams is usually the most important role in iGEM. We have exchange with many other teams by skype meetups, participating Asia meetup, and so on.


In the late June, we have a Skype meetup with Team Peshawar.

Missouri S&T

We were glad to have met Mr. and Mrs. Westenberg from Team Missouri S&T in July at our school. Sharing topics to each other, we got to know iGEM with a new prospect.

iGEM Asia Pacific Conference

Participating the Asia iGEM meetup held by NCTU_Formosa, it was our first time to present our project to so many iGEMers. We were also staff members that assisted NCTU_Formosa during the event. Three of our members did the presentation. Nonetheless, we have altered our project slightly, and details should be released on giant jamboree.


We introduced our project and iGEM competition to the juniors and sophomores in our school. Some of them gave us positive feedback.

We ever give out the souvenirs of TCFSH_Taiwan to anyone who answer our questions about iGEM competition.