Team:TCFSH Taiwan/HP/Gold Integrated



In order to have a better idea about the proper storage temperature of drinks, we went to interview a few superintendents of VEDAN Company, a leading food company in Taiwan, which makes drinks and instant noodles. We then learned that room temperature foods don’t need our product. However, we also learned that UV light will cause the loss of nutrition of the vitamin drinks. That is why we decided to invent a sticker to sense both temperature and UV light. (See full VEDAN interview)

Tian I Chinese Medicine & Min Tong Pharmaceutical Company

To learn more about the application of our stickers on medicines, we emailed Tian I Chinese Medicine and interviewed Min Tong Pharmaceutical Company, we received the following feedbacks.

First, before they apply for drug licenses, the drugs must pass the accelerated test (40 degrees Celsius for half a year without deteriorating). So, a short exposure to 37 degrees Celsius should not do harm on their drugs.

Second, regarding to the applications of our stickers, the possibilities are few. These includes the agglomerating agents, which are likely to melt under 37 degrees Celsius, and the suppositories, for they might have appearance deformation, and the ointments, for the liposoluble and the water-soluble ingredients in the ointments will start to separate.

Third, they use opaque bottles or plastic bags to block the UV rays. However, they have never conduct experiments on the correlation between the amount of UV and the degree of damage to our drugs, and they’ve never tested whether UV light can penetrate the containers. So, they will try to avoid the drugs from being exposed to sunlight.

In conclusion, we found that the ointments and the UV prevention are where our stickers can be possibly used. (See the full Tian I inverview here and Min Tong interview here)

Polysciences Asia Pacific Inc.

We also had an online interview with Polysciences Asia Pacific Inc. The main product that they need to transport is the fine-chemicals. According to them, about 2 to 3‰ of their products were damaged due to the high temperature during the delivery. They said that they will definitely buy our stickers when they appear on the market.