Team:TCFSH Taiwan/HP/Silver

Professor Cheng-Ming Chang

In order to know about the transportation process for frozen food, we had an interview with Professor Cheng-Ming Chang at National Taiwan Ocean University an expert in this field.

During the interview, we learned two important pieces of information. The first is that our product is not applicable for the foods that need to be preserved in the fridge. Since the highest temperature that those foods can tolerate is 15 degrees Celsius, our product, whose tolerance is 37 degrees Celsius, won’t be useful for them. The second piece of information is that the technology of temperature measuring at low temperatures is already perfect. There are both cheap and expensive products, and the accuracy also varies with the price. However, it’s good that we aim the target temperature at 37 degrees Celsius, since no one has ever attempted this temperature before. (Click here to see more)

Professor Chien-Chih Yu

To know more about the transportation process of drug, we interviewed Professor Chien-Chih Yu, a professor of Pharmacy at China Medical University.

The feedbacks we received are, first, there might be little application of our stickers on drugs; second, the professor suggested we aim at the R&D drugs, which are less resistant to temperature change. (See more here)