Team:TCFSH Taiwan/Team

School Introduction

In 1915, under Japanese occupation, Taiwanese forefathers Lin Lie-tang, Lin Hsien-tang, Lin Hsiung-cheng, Tsai Lien-fang, and Ku Hsien-jung pooled resources and donated land to build the high school to educate Taiwanese students with a view to awakening Taiwanese people's nationalism and cultural senses. After the foundation of the school in 1915, it has undergone several changes in the name of the school. Not until the year 2000 did the school finally get the name it now adopts, National Taichung First Senior High School. There are now 75 classes, including 63 general classes, 3 classes of high achievement in math and science, 3 class of high achievement in language, and 3 art-oriented classes.

Team Members

Bo-Ching Wu

Hi! I'm Bo-Ching, Wu, and I am in 11th grade now. I like science and music. Hope to see you at Jamboree!

Jason Yang

I am a grade 11 student. My favorite subject is biology, and I especially love neuroscience. The working of brain, the secret of thinking, the origin of emotion, the storage of memories……, each of them arouse my interest. The sport I like is playing table tennis and swimming. In my leisure time, I even watch top players playing table tennis on Youtube.

Hao-Yun Tu

Hello everyone! I am a grade 11 student. My favorite subject is biology, especially the genetic parts. In my free time, I like to play basketball with my classmates. I also like animation a lot!

Chien-Yi Chien

I am a grade 11 student. I have been interested in math since I was a little boy, especially algebra. I enjoy giving some interesting math questions to my friends and thinking together. In my free time, I like to listen to pop music. Sometimes I also like to chat with friends on philosophic perspectives.

Hsin-Yu Chang

Hello everyone! I am a grade 11 student. I am 175-centimeter tall! My hobby is drawing, and I'm the designer of our team logo and mascot. They are cool, right?

Yen-Ling Ko

Hi, I am Yen-Ling Ko, and my favorite subject is biology. My hobbies are watching dramas, playing baseball, and counseling others. This is my first time to participate in iGEM, and l'm looking forward to see all of you in Boston~

Chia-Yang Chen

I am the second tallest girl in TCFSH_Taiwan. Being optimistic all the time, I like biology more than chemistry. One of my dream is to be lost in reverie all day long.