Team:TJU China/Attributions


Information Gathering:

Bacteria part:

Zhongyi Jiang, Deguang Chen, Yiyuan Gao, Ping Liu, Yujie Wang.

Protein part:

Jun Wang, Xiaqing Zhu, Chenyang Zhang, Xiaoyi Jiang.

Molecular construction part:

Huayue Zhang, Jinli Wang, Yuhan Liu, Yuxin Li, Jiangyan Li, Yanbing Fang.

BV Detection:

BV production:

Chenyang Zhang, Xiaoyi Jiang.

Protein purification:

Jun Wang, Xiaqing Zhu.

Standard Curve:

Jun Wang, Xiaqing Zhu.

Intestinal Bacteria Tracking:

(Molecular cloning, bacteria culturing, protein expression and luminescence experiments):

Escherichia coli:

Yuxin Li, Chenyang Zhang.

EHEC O157: H7:

Yuxin Li, Chenyang Zhang.

Citrobacter rodentium:

Xiaoyi Jiang, Huayue Zhang.

Lactococcus lactis:

Deguang Chen, Jinli Wang, Jiangyan Li, Ping Liu, Yuhan Liu.

Bacteroides fragilis:

Jun Wang, Xiaqing Zhu, Yujie Wang.

Bifidobacterium longum:

Zhongyi Jiang, Yanbing Fang, Yiyuan Gao.

Protein Structure:

Protein purification:

Jun Wang, Xiaqing Zhu.

Protein crystal structure:

Wu Chen, Jun Wang, Xiaqing Zhu.

Molecular docking:

Zhongyi Jiang, Dr. Jing Wei.



Yuxin Li, Chenyang Zhang, Ping Liu, Jun Wang, Xiaqing Zhu and Yanbing Fang did the most of them.
More detailed attribution about each part could be found in Team Parts.


Zhongyi Jiang, Yuxin Li, Jiangyan Li, Yanbing Fang, Ping Liu.


Mengqi Wang took charge of the all.

Human Practice:


Yiyuan Gao, Yuxin Li.


Yiyuan Gao, Yuxin Li, Zhongyi Jiang, Huayue Zhang, Chenyang Zhang, Yuhan Liu, Jun Wang, Xiaqing Zhu, Yanbing Fang, Ping Liu.



Zhongyi Jiang, Yiyuan Gao, Huayue Zhang.

Black & white cartoon in the home page:

Yiyuan Gao, Zhongyi Jiang, Xiaqing Zhu.

Arts & front-end:

Shi Pan, Yinjie Zhao.


Zhongyi Jiang, Yiyuan Gao, Huayue Zhang, Mengqi Wang. Other team members are also contributed to gathering information.

Art & Design:

Tianjiao Wang, Shi Pan, Yuxin Li, Zhongyi Jiang.


Yujie Wang, Zhongyi Jiang, Huayue Zhang, Yanbing Fang, Yuxin Li, Mengqi Wang.


Yiyuan Gao.


Lab supports:

Our most sincere thanks to School of Life Sciences, Tianjin University. Our experimental space and materials are kindly provided by Haitao Yang and Zefang Wang’s lab. We appreciate every piece of suggestion and help for our experiments from the following people: our instructors Haitao Yang and Zefang Wang, Dr. Cheng Chen, Wen Cui, Chen Wu, Bin Wang, Ting Li, Chen Chen, Fenghua Wang, Han Zhou, Xu Han, Mengmeng Wang, etc. Another gratitude should be given to Chen Wu who help us with the experiments of analyzing protein crystal structure.

Idea and project suggestions:

Thanks to our instructor Zefang Wang who gave us much precious advice. We also give great appreciation for what student advisor, Zhuozhi Chen, have helped with our project.

Material supports:

We greatly thank to the following people and institutions that kindly provide experimental materials to us:
Strain of EHEC O157: H7: Dr. Yigang Xu in Northeast Agricultural University.
Plasmid of B. fragilis: Dr. Justin L. Sonnenburg in Stanford University School of Medicine.
Replication origin, promoter and the strain of B. longum: iGEM team of Jilin University.
Plasmid and the strain of L. lactis: iGEM team of Nankai University.
Strain of B. longum: Dr. Qiang Xiong in Nanjing University of Technology.
Mice and experiments in vivo: Dr. Wu in Nankai University.

Human Practice:

Thanks to Dr. Hailong Cao who work in Tianjin General Hospital for interview about intestinal bacteria and our project.
Sincere thanks to Zhiyong Huang’s lab, Tianjin Institution of Industrial Biotechnology, which selflessly provided technology for anaerobic bacteria. We also give great appreciation to Yifan Han and Yaqiong Guo in Zhiyong Huang’s lab who two gave us much help when we were studying in their lab.

External assistances:

Our great thanks to Shi Pan, Yinjie Zhao and Tianjiao Wang for their selfless help on wiki construction and other art designs.

Fund supports:

Our project is mainly supported by School of Life Sciences and Tianjin University.
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