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Integrated and Gold

To expand the thought of our project, we visited Tianjin General Hospital and interviewed doctor Hailong Cao. During the times, we are inspirited and come up with better ideas and results. These events change our way of thinking, and help us have more comprehensive conclusion.

Visit the anaerobic incubator:

Our project deals with the cultivation of anaerobic bacteria and related operations, however, no anaerobic incubator was used in the laboratory. In this case, we contacted the Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology to visit and learn.
We started prepare for our project with confidence. We chose several anaerobic bacteria in our project, however, we lacked experience in culturing anaerobic bacteria. Therefore, we contacted Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology to learn the cultivation technique of anaerobic bacteria. After three days of study, we further perfected our experimental scheme and accumulated valuable experimental experience at the same time. The scientific spirit and thinking of the professors’ are worthy of our study as well.
We not only learned the method of operation of anaerobic incubator, but also learned a lot of attention of the cultivation of strains involved in experiments through the visit. Anaerobic bacteria are the most abundant bacteria in intestinal bacteria, and it made our project more prefect to be able to operate anaerobic bacteria.

The interview to Doctor Hailong Cao:

In order to make our project ideas more clearly, we went to Tianjin General Hospital to interview Hailong Cao, director of the gastroenterology dept. During the process of communicating with director Cao,He affirmed the important role of intestinal bacteria in the treatment of diseases. Although there are many detection techniques for intestinal bacteria, the biggest obstacle to intestinal bacteria research still exists. Our project will make sense in figuring out the role of a particular bacterium. His word made us become enlightened at once and gave us more inspiration. After we made our idea become truth, we visited Tianjin General Hospital again to show our achievements and to thank director Cao again for instructing our project.

Communications with other universities:

Communications with other teams also benefits us a lot. The strains of bifidobacterium used in our experiment came from Jilin University. We also got a lot of inspiration in the communication with them. We also used two parts they distributed last year in our construction. We also used two parts they distributed last year in our construction. Then we helped them with their Indigo synthesis experiment in return and helped them obtain the water samples of polluted water in Tianjin in return.

Integrated Human Practices

Communicating with experts in technology and academic fields, discussing with other teams and helping each other, our HP activities have made our project more complete. By studying anaerobic culture techniques, we have enabled anaerobic intestinal bacteria culture in vitro to become a reality in our project. It's our first step in making intestinal bacteria fluorescent in vivo. Communicating with experts and intestinal field, we clarified the limitations and shortcomings of current research methods of intestinal bacteria, further confirmed the feasibility of our method and application in the future, which gave us more inspiration and encouragement. Communication with other teams has helped us a lot in physical and technical aspects, including the use of parts and the gift of the strains, which have led to a smooth direction for our project.
So, our HP activities helped our project a lot. We also hope that our far infrared fluorescent protein system can be better applied and expanded in the future, and what we got will carry forward.
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