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In order to make the public have a better understanding of synthetic biology and IGEM, we held two opening activities which were reported in several media outlets to make our activities more widely known.

White Crabapple Season Open Day:

On 4rd April 2017, Tianjin University opened its doors to the general public for its sixth White Crabapple Season Open Day, where this year we hosted a stand. Over 30,000 people entered our campus throughout the day and visited our Science Popularization Stand.
In this opening day, we designed three sections of the game,which includes cartoon intestinal bacteria coloring, blood test principle showing experiment, optical microscope observation. Cartoon intestinal bacteria coloring is easy to let everyone know the types of intestinal bacteria and the main morphological characteristics, and in the coloring process , our team members introduce some biology knowledge to joiners so that they could know more about synthetic biology and IGEM. Blood type test principle showing experiment, is to show people the principle of the reaction of antigen antibody binding , which lets people know through using synthetic biology what interesting things we can do.At the same time, our team members introduce our idea in testing BV from sick birds to joiners to help them to understand our project more. Optical microscopy observation is to make more people interested in microscopic life, so they are more motivated to learn more.
In our activities, the Nankai University IGEM team are enthusiastic to participate in our activities, which makes our activities more exciting. We are really thankful to them.

The lecture of iGEM:

To get more students to learn about synthetic biology and iGEM, we held a lecture on iGEM at the school of Life Sciences.
In order to make our propaganda more targeted, we held a lecture facing the students especially those major in biology. We introduced synthetic biology and iGEM briefly. Indeed, the lecture has received brilliant results as we expected. Many listeners expressed great interests in synthetic biology and asked questions actively. Some of them even expressed their great desire to participate in the iGEM next year. We realized that we all have a deeper comprehension of iGEM in the process of our interpretation.

Internet Dissemination

As soon as we started our project, we set up a public account on wechat to publish some information and news about iGEM and us. Up to now, there are many followers with many likes about our essays.
Internet gives us a broader window to show our advantages. In terms of public education, a better platform means more receivers. Our public account will run for long time to introduce more highlights to our fans.
In addition, our activities are tracked at the WeChat platform at the student union of the school of life sciences of Tianjin University, for which we are very grateful.
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