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Our team has uploaded 71 different well characterized parts to the registry, and shipping 31 useful parts. All these parts are for different usage for novel fluorescent protein, smUEFP. They can be divided into four sections in brief according to their functions. The first is the section of smURFP. There are several codon-optimized ones for different usage. The following two are about intestinal bacteria fluorescent tracking system in vivo. The second is the section for co-expression system. The core of this section are HO-1 gene and smURFP gene. There are flexible assembling among the elements. The third is the section for surface display system. There are seven different anchoring proteins used for at least five kinds of bacteria. The last one is the section of some additional accessories, like some linkers and other regulatory elements.
Parts range: from BBa_K2328000 to BBa_K2328070, 71 in total.
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