Team:TP-CC San Diego/Attributions



We would like to thank Sean Wu for giving our team advice and mentoring us in the lab. We would also like to thank the Shiau lab for providing supplies, equipment, and lab space. Finally, I would like to thank the parents who provided us with financial support as well as all the students who participated in fundraisers.


We would like to thank Monsanto for sponsoring our team. We greatly appreciate all contributions made towards our team.


All the work not mentioned here was done by the students in the team, including the preliminary research. With the help and guidance from those mentioned below, members of the lab team performed all the lab work. The wiki and website were created by members of the website team through their previous understanding and skills adopted throughout the year. The poster, logo, banner, and jackets were designed by the poster team. Human practices was led by a core group of project leaders.