Team:TU-Eindhoven/Results/Medal criteria



Bronze Medal

  • We have registered for iGEM, had a great summer and will attend the Giant Jamboree.
  • We have met the deliverables.
  • We have documented our project on our WIKI.
  • We will present a poster about our project at the Giant Jamboree.
  • We will present our project in a 20 minute presentation at the Giant Jamboree.
  • We filled in and submitted the Safety Forms and Judging Form.
  • We have documented a new BioBrick: CT33 with mCherry and Strep-tag®II BBa_K2356000.
  • We have attributed all parts of our project.
  • We participated in the Interlab Measurement Study and documented our results.
Guppy medal bronze

Silver Medal

  • We have experimentally validated our BioBrick.
  • We have done several collaborations, like the Card Game and a Postcard Exchange. The most meaningful collaboration was with iGEM team Potsdam, since we modeled their system.
  • We collaborated with the Dutch Institute for Health and environment to make our project Safe by Design and we looked at the rules and regulations regarding GMOs to consider future implementation of our the application of our project.
  • We also spread knowledge and awareness about our project and synthetic biology in general via public events and conferences.
Guppy medal silver

Gold Medal

  • We have created an application scenario and thought about the risks and consequences of this scenario. We expanded and integrated Human Practices in our project by testing the viablility and risks of our application scenario by talking to experts.
  • We have improved existing BioBricks BBa_K1761005 and BBa_K1761006 by publishing their sequence. We have also improved the characterization of existing BioBrick BBa_I0500 by optimizing the expression.
  • We have modeled our system to gain more insight into the network formation of our system. We also showed the adaptiveness of our model by modeling the system of iGEM Potsdam.
  • We have demonstrated that our project works.
Guppy medal gold