The participation of team Tel-Hai in the iGEM competition is an initiative brought forth solely by the student body. Last year was the first time a team from Tel-Hai college was created, after several students advocated for it and gained the support of the administration. The project was run mostly by the students, from concept of fund raising, project design to securing a host lab. Every aspect was under the students' responsibility, even the professional help we received was with accordance with the students' lead. We are proud to continue this trailblazing tradition, in solidifying an ongoing presence in the competition.


First and foremost, none of this would be possible without the sponsorship and financial support of:

Israeli Ministry of science, for funding the lion's share of our project.

Mr. David Friedman for recognizing the importance of the project and offering generous financial contributions, to both last year's team and us.

MIGAL Research Institute, for usage of lab space, equipment and facilities.

IDT offering all iGEM teams free 20k bp gblocks synthesis.

A special thanks goes out to Mr. & Mrs. Amit and Orit Shelef, for significant assistance with fundraising and crowd sourcing.


For general and professional instruction, we wish to warmly thank Mr. Almog Angel and Mrs. Michal Glikman-Angel, who were among last year's iGEM Tel-Hai pioneers. They were with us every step of the way.

For all the professors whose doors were always open to us when we needed scientific advice: Dr. Ehud Shachar and Dr. Doron Goldberg for scientific consultations, Prof. Jacob Pitcovski for generously hosting us at his lab, Ms. Dalia Eliyahu for extensive guidance in aspects of lab work and Dr. Itamar Yadid, Dr. Chen Katz, Prof. Gidi Gross, Prof. Sgula Mutzafi, Dr. Alon Margalit, Prof. Jacob Vaya.

Special thanks go out to: Prof. Martin Goldway, Molecular Genetics laboratory in Agriculture, Migal institute, for also open his lab doors, Dr. Itay Onn and Mrs. Ola Orgil, Bar-Ilan Faculty of Medicine, Safed.

The guidance on yeast protocols, the provision of suitable materials and the guidance of the laboratory work on these subjects.

Human Practice

European Union Researchers' Night: Thanks to MIGAL for letting us play a major role in this important event, for the second year in a row.

"Academia at the square": Dr. Ayelt Shavit,Mrs. Yael Silver, Prof. Rachel Amir, Mr Eyal Drory, Dr. Ofir Binyamin, Mr. Itai Lahat, Mr. Guy Eshel, Mr. Adam Alfasi, Mr.Yonatan Ben Zur

Commercial Services

Video and photograph: Rotem Golan – "Studio Golan" and Damon Rosen

Wiki design: “zazim bareshet”

Fundraising assistant: Rachel Sachs, Ehud Shalev, Emily Kay, Dinah Kagan, Ophira Alon