Beonze Medal

We have registered Team Tianjin on March 28th, 2017 and been accepted on May 31th, 2017. We spent the whole summer vacation and half of the fall semester to work for our project.

We have registered the Giant Jamboree and planned for the travel.

We have made wiki, poster and prepared for the presentation for Giant Jamboree.

We have finished our judging form before deadline. Click here to see judging form of our team .

We have finished all the safety forms before respective deadline. Click here to see safety form of our team

We have created a page on our wiki with clear attribution of each aspect of our project. Click here to see Attributions

We have improved the characterization of former parts BBa_K2165004 constructed by iGEM16_Washington and BBa_K319036 . The characterizations we did have been shown on our Contributions .

Siliver Medal

We have documented, characterized, and submitted new BioBricks used in budding yeast which are core parts in our projects, They are BBa_K2407303 , BBa_K2407301 , BBa_K2165111 , and BBa_K2407112 .

We have helped other teams with team establishment, plasmid construction, fluorescence detection and data sharing. Click here to see Collaborations .

We have carefully worked on safety, public engagement, and our response to our society and world. Click here to see our HP for Silver .

Gold Medal

We have integrated our human practices projects into our whole project especially with the main questions obtained from business and government. From our global survey and interviews, we designed and operated experiments in response to those questions. Click here to see our HP for Gold Integrated .

We have improved the function of existing BioBicks ( BBa_K2165004 & BBa_K319036 ) and submitted many new parts with characterizations, which provided more choices for iGEM teams in the future. The parts are: BBa_K2407013 , BBa_K2407014 , BBa_K2407015 , and BBa_K2407016 .

We have established models for our project, based on bistablity, gene expression, heavy metals’ detective and adsorption. Besides, we have also completed the model for global heavy metal pollution. Click here to see our Model.

Most important of all, we have demonstrated the feasibility of Mating Switcher, the improvement of heavy metal resistance and the enrichment and separation of heavy metals. Click here to see our Demonstration.