What We Did in This Summer

In this summer, we designed genetic circuits, validated new technology and achieved application of heavy metal enrichment, for the first time on a cell chassis with synthetic genome.

We started from synthetic yeast to acquire more innovative genetic circuit.

We utilized the forefront of genome rearrangement technique, SCRaMbLE, to obtain double resistance to copper and cadmium by rapid evolution.

We upgraded exsisting parts for the purpose of more sensitive biosensor which had a wider response range to copper.

We employed our genetic circuit to realize biological enrichment of copper and cadmium.

We successfully modelled bistability, biosensor and biological adsorption.

Team members

Hui Xu, the instructor of our team, He tirelessly and patiently assisted us in project design, experiment operation, wiki construction, human practice,and modeling.

Mingzhe Han, the student leader of Team Tianjin this year, is in charge of the overall managment, Cu ion's detection, error-prone PCR, and part of verification of Mating Switcher.

Xinyu Chen, is responsible for establishment of mating switcher characterization and also participate in biosensor for Cu Ion's detection experiment.

Xinyue Cao, a primary experimental operator for SCRaMbLE and a designer of flocculation system, is also responsible for the knockout of HMRa. Besides, she is one of the speakers for CCiC meeting and giant jamboree presentation.

Li Sun, one of the members of experiment, is responsible for lab safety. Besides, she also offered help for Human Practice.

Xinru Wang, one of principals for human practice, is also responsible for collecting some data for drawing the pollution map.

Weixian Fu, modeling constructor of Bistable Model, Functional switch Model and Global Cu and Cd Pollution Map,is also partly responsible for experiment operation.

Lingyi Zhou, a successful lab operator, spared time to edit the handbook, drew illustrations and make the cartoon for our wiki.

Manlin Yang, the main art; the designer of team clothes, logo, poster and presentation.

Yushuang Wang, one of the primary experiment operators for SCRaMbLE and a designer of flocculation system, is responsible for part of Wiki writing. Also, she is one of the speakers.

Yangteng Ou, one of the experiment operators for SCRaMbLE and a designer of flocculation parts, is also involved in writing wiki, producing ideas, making videos, and doing the last presentation.

Shiyu Zhang, main principal for experiment operation, is responsible for the verification of mating swicher system.

Wenqing Guo, main principal for designing and constructing the devise of mating type switcher, is also the team photograoher.

Lin Tu, one of the operators for experiment, participated in constructing the HO vector.

Yan Zheng, a experimental operator of both Separation of different irons and HO vector, is also involved in writing Wiki.

Zhou Guo, main principal of experiment in Separation of different irons .

Yangyang Miao, a primary experimental operator and one of designers of Mating Switcher construction, is a multifunctional assistant who likes helping other partners with their experiment. Besides, he is also responsible for modeling in biosensor.

Yixuan Chen, main principal of human practice and partly constructed the project.

Xiaopo Cheng, one of the primary experimental operators for enrichment of heavy metals, is also responsible for modeling.

Gefei Zhang, the wiki designer, is responsible for the design and construction of our wiki.

Zichen Liu, the designer of our wiki, is responsible for the construction of our wiki.

General Support

Tianjin University, for their support in the competition.

School of chemical engineering and technology, Tianjin University, for their support in the competition.

Our instructor Prof. Yingjin Yuan and Dr. Bingzhi Li : tremendous thanks for their constructive suggestions and meticulous guidance to our project.

Verification of Mating Swicher Support

Dr. Yi Wu, The builder of synthetic chromosome synX who generously gave us the yeast synX and many useful suggestions to handle all kinds of experiment problems, supporting the iGEM team Tianjin all the time.

Dr. Ruiying Zhu, generously sponsored us with plasmid pRS416 and the E.coli that carries the yEmRFP gene. Also she commented on our thoughts, which helped us establishing the system over and over again.

Dr. Xiaole Wu, generously sponsored us with yEmRFP plasmid.

Dr. Sijie Zhou, instructed us in some key procedures.

Prof. Kun Zhao, gave us permission of using the fluorescence microscope.

Prof. Weiwen Zhang, who gave us permission of using the fluorescence spectrophotometer.

Dr. Tao Sun and Dr. Huaqing Liu, taught us the use of fluorescence spectrophotometer and the fluorescence microscope, as well as kindly gave us suggestions about design and measurement.

Resistance to Heavy Metals Support

Yalu Ma, the teacher of inorganic chemistry at the school of science Tianjin University, borrowed us 0.3g of the cadmium ion.

Dr. Sijie Zhou, gave us a lot of help on constructing CRE vector and SCRaMbLE’s method.

Separation of Different Irons Support

Jing Chang, a kind teacher who gave us permission of using the Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy for measuring the concentration of copper ion and cadmium.

Human Practice Support

Genscript sponsors us 40000 CNY

Enzyme sponsors us 5000CNY and some biology reagent which costs 10000 CNY

General Biology sponsors us 15000 CNY

Ameritech sponsors us 6000 CNY

Genewiz sponsors us 10000 CNY