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Team:Tianjin/Human Practices

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2.Searching the source of pollution: electroplating factory, electric drill factory
3.Detection problems: domestic sewage treatment plant
4.Multi - party communication and self – examination
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In order to better propagate Synthetic Biology, we held various interesting and meaningful activities to involve as many as people in society such as Lab-open day to make Igem and Synthetic Biology known to more people.
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1.constructed an alliance and built a worl-wide database
2.Filmed a biosafety video
3.Helping TUST for their first year
4.Test the mini system for OUC
5.Helping NKU with their plasmid construction
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About social work
1.contact ministry of envinroment
2.Prof. Hongyan Qu
3.Sewage treatment plant
4.Heavy Mental Factory
5.heavy metal treatment company
About safety
1.Yi Wu
2.Li Yuanying
3.Communication of Five schools


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