Over the course of this project, iGEM Toronto has had a considerable amount of help to overcome many hurdles. We will be forever in debt to the following individuals and organizations without whom this project would have been difficult to make a success.

Wet Lab


  • Dr. Sean Caffrey - Providing Lab Space
  • Dr. Grant Allen - Chemical Engineering - Providing Lab Space
  • Dr. Elizabeth Edwards - Providing Lab space
  • Dr. Radhakrishnan Mahadevan - supervisor
  • Endang Susilawati - BioZone Lab manager - Equipment & Biosafety training, Emotional Support

Mahadevan Lab

  • Christian Euler - provided the sequence for LacILOV, pKDL071 plasmid, design help, troubleshooting assistance, Troubleshooting help and equipment training
  • Ruhi Choudhary
  • Kevin Correira - Gave us our nickname (wolf pack)
  • Patrick Diep
  • Kayla Nemr
  • Naveen Venayak
  • Aditya Vik Pandit
  • Scott Proulx
  • Kaushik Raj Venkatesan
  • Benjamin Stordy


  • Anna Khusnutdinova - Plate reader equipment training
  • Tatiana Skarina - Liquid Nitrogen Training
  • Phil Milczarek - Package delivery
  • Korchesca - Yakunin Lab

Maxwell Lab

  • Dr. Maxwell - antiCRISPR help
  • Bianca Garcia - help in selecting specific Acr, project guidance regarding anticrispr portion of the project


  • Dr. Laura Prochazka


  • Dr. Soumaya Zlitni - CRISPR assays
  • Dr. Amy Caudy - CRISPR assays
  • Brendan Hussey from McMillan’s Lab - Project feedback

Human Practices

Vic Records

  • Aaron

Video Interviews

  • Alice Wong
  • Anita Cameron
  • Dr. Christopher Brittain
  • Rabbi Michael Stroh
  • Rabbi Aaron Greenberg
  • Dr. Laura Prochazka
  • Dr. Margaret Cheng
  • Dr. Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez
  • Dr. Ronald Cohn


  • Jordan Thompson
  • Dr. David McMillen
  • iGEM Estonia
  • iGEM Paris
  • iGEM Uppsala
  • iGEM Copenhagen
  • Dr. Petri Lahtvee
  • oGEM


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