A sincere thank you to all the iGEM teams that helped us out by providing development points, feedback, and a diverse range of voices (literally) to our project. We hope working with us was as fulfilling and uplifting as it was for our team working with all of you!

Wet Lab


We incorporated their sgRNA into the final switch of our CRISPR/Cas9 system to better minimize off target hits and provided experimental data to help validate their model. They shared the results of energy released by our original sgRNA using their model.

Dry Lab

iGEM Waterloo

We featured them on our podcast and talked about their project. They hosted the oGEM (Ontario iGEM) meetup, and afterwards we formed a multi-team Slack channel to provide each other with advice and feedback regarding our projects. We also improved a wiki generator developed by iGEM Toronto previously. The new version of the generator is capable of handling wiki updates from any team in a centralized server.

Human Practices

iGEM Dalhousie

We invited the Dalhousie iGEM team to participate on our podcast Synversations and talk about their project and experiences. They had us provide feedback on a questionnaire about science communication that was a follow up from a previous survey.

iGEM Uppsala

We participated in their webinar on intellectual property along with some other iGEM Teams and they participated on our podcast.


We invited the Estonia team to participate on our Synversations podcast after meeting up with one of our leads in Tartu. They discussed their project and possible developments and real world applications in the future. We provided feedback, advice, and areas of improvement regarding their project development.

iGEM Ionis Paris

They joined us for one of the episodes on our podcast Synversation and we helped them by filling out their survey on scientific literacy.