iGEM Tübingen 2017


Presenting the iGEM Tuebingen class 2017

PD Dr. Gust led our team as primary PI with great knowledge and full commitment. Always approachable, cooperative and never restricting our own ideas: We could not have wished for a more suitable supervisor.

PD Dr. Fuss served as secondary PI for our this year’s project. She provided us with laboratory space and valuable contacts within the interfaculty institute of biochemistry. We were happy to welcome her in our team for the second year in a row.

Hannah is our communications expert. Although working in Munich for the most of the summer, she organized all public relations and established our YouTube channel. Studying Molecular Medicine for her BSc, she has already a confined knowledge about laboratory work and working in a team and brings a nice smile to every meeting.

Marcel is doing his MSc of Biochemistry and is very experienced in the lab. His quiet and patient personality makes him a pleasant guy to work with and he additionally never hesitates to share his expertise and knowledge with the team.

Lisa is a smart cookie, she is doing her Masters in Bioinformatics and is able to model any kind of protein interaction. Additionally, she is very open minded and straightforward which makes her a very appreciated team member.

Lukas is a BSc student of Biochemi
stry. He prefers spending time in the lab than actually showing up in our meetings which doesn’t make him a bad team member by any means. His work, creativity, ingenuity is highly valued and needed!

Mirjam is doing her BSc of Biochemistry and furthermore has an outstanding talent in design and visualization of any kind of things. She has a nearly perfect awareness for even the tiniest things - which is just perfect for design. It is her second iGEM season and she never runs out of good ideas.

Alexandra is our only Chemist who is doing her Bachelors. She is a perfectionist, well organized and our steady rock in the iGEM whirlwind.

Madeleine is very open minded and a well experienced team member. She has a great sense of humor and her optimism is very motivating. Additionally, chocolate is the magic word.

Milena is doing her MSc in Biochemistry and joined the team in 2015. She has lots of laboratory experience and is super well organized. She is always on top and a very reliable team member.

Michael is a very dedicated Biochemist who is doing his Master’s degree. He is able to think through complicated processes and on top turns them into reality.

Nikolas is our iGEM veteran. He has been in the team ever since. His great skills are communicating and leading. He is very passionate about realizing a project in a mixed team and has a great talent to encourage every team member individually.

Lex is very dedicated to our project. He is doing his Bachelor in both Rhetorics and Informatics. Furthermore, he is very creative and has a lot of experience with graphical design which he directly applied to our WIKI Page.

Vic-Fabienne is our youngest team member who just started her Bachelor in Biochemistry and right away joined the team. She has a contagious enthusiasm and an endless seeming source of creative and innovative ideas.

Brian Weidensee

Brian “The Brain”. It’s incredible how many things he can handle at the same time and still doesn’t lose focus. He is an organizer, pace maker and friend. It’s his second time in the iGEM Team and meanwhile he’s doing his MSc in Molecular Medicine.

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