UK Meet-up

In August we co-hosted the annual UK iGEM meetup together with the University of Westminster and the University of Warwick. Meetups are the closest iGEM teams get to a Jamboree experience before November. With poster/ powerpoint presentations, interactive debates and lectures on current topics by SynBio experts, meetups are the perfect opportunity to hear about other iGEM teams’ projects and to form collaborations on similar topics.

Collaborating with two other universities allowed us to span the meetup over days, giving the members of different teams more time to share iGEM experiences. We spent quite a bit of time setting up a schedule offering a variety of activities at various locations across London (University of Westminster Cavendish Campus; UCL main campus and Warwick Business School in the Shard).

Modelling with SVCE

Throughout the summer we had a bilateral collaboration with the iGEM SVCE 2017 team from India. Our collaboration started off with us sending each other useful sources and tutorials on how to approach modelling for cellular mechanisms, as neither team considered themselves an expert in the field. Once we both started forming the differential equations for our respective models, we sent each other documents with a summary of our ODEs and provided feedback to each other. SVCE helped us getting started with our LEGIT model. Both teams provided constructive feedback on how to present complex information in a simple manner to make it easy to understand for non-modellers, while at the same time we helped refine each other’s differential equations.