LIT Entrepreneurship

Light Induced TechnologiesLTD

Bringing urban design and synthetic biology together

We are forming a startup company, which will sell LIT bulbs. At LIT, we develop applications for biological light switches – molecular devices that activate and suppress cellular processes. The LIT bulb uses the daily cycles of day and night to regulate its bioluminescence via a genetically engineered circuit. Making use of bacterial co-culturing, the LIT bulb provides an eco-friendly, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solution that is sustainable for the long term to light up the streets of London.

Introducing the LIT bulb

About us

LIT, Light Induced Technologies, is a London based company that combines the concepts of Synthetic Biology with Urban Design to create innovative technologies that address current world-wide issues. We are focusing on finding an alternative source of illumination, as all current methods have a large carbon footprint on our environment.

The implementation of our innovative and eco-friendly light bulb aims to minimize carbon emissions and satisfy the needs for private and public illumination.

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