Team:UCL/Human Practices

Human Practices Overview

Rethinking the Lightbulb: 133 artists help us prototype

To make our light-bulb prototype look nice, we asked artists for designs. We reached 78,000 people, got 133 design submissions and developed our final prototype.

Debating policy

To develop policy for the future of organ printing, we talked to people at the Wellcome Trust Reading room about societal and ethical impacts of light-induced technologies.

Working with the European Space Agency (ESA) for cell adhesion

Our conversations with the ESA led us to develop our bacterial cell adhesion system based on non-natural amino acids.

2000 visitors danced from cells to cities

We designed an interactive journey from DNA to 3D structures made out of bacteria. At London Science Museum’s Late event, 2000 guests played, learnt about our project and gave us feedback.

Debating SynBio safety

We organised debates on the safety, limits and future of iGEM projects.

The 3D printing needs of architects

Two professional architects shared their thoughts on the usefulness of Barchitecture in giving future architects autonomy for prototyping and in contributing to the emerging field of living structures.

Tonight's special: GMOs

EatoffTheMenu organize dinners on topics from AI to Trump politics. We collaborated to bring together 8 people to talk about our LIT project, its safety and whether bacterial bulbs and structures with bacteria inside should be the focus of synthetic biology.