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Light Induced Technologies

UCL iGEM 2017

What is LIT?

LIT aims to give everybody control over cells through light. One of our project's main aspects is to engineer bacterial cells that can detect changes in sunlight levels and produce light at night time. The result? An innovative light bulb. Two types of bacteria will live inside the bulb, providing nutrients for each other and making the bulb a sustainable long-term source of light.

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Developments in technology will challenge the way we design and conceptualize objects from our everyday lives. The light bulb, as a source of light and inspiration is one of them. This week, in collaboration with @the_art_competition we want people from different backgrounds to incorporate art and design into science. Rethink the light bulb’s design, usage and role in private and public spaces. What would it look like? What’s its source of energy? What functions can it play? The most imaginative ideas will become part of our engineering project and will be displayed at MIT in November.

More about the art competition

Send a picture of your proposal on Instagram to @the_art_competition by July 30th, 2017. We will evaluate the top submissions and work with the creator of the winning design to develop a 3D model to print. The winning design will be announced on August 15th, 2017.

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