The LIT Team

Hongchang Fu (Ricardo)

Favourite iGEM activity: gathering laboratory data

Hates: making LB agar

Degree: MEng Biochemical Engineering; Most frequently used phrase: "ugh"

Cécile Geier

Favourite iGEM activity: making sure we stay on top of everything

Hates: having to take notes during meetings (but does it anyway)

Degree: MEng Biochemical Engineering (minor in Intelligent Systems); Most frequently used phrase: "Make it glow!"

Hristina Dimitrova

Favourite iGEM activity: primers design, thinking about coffee

Hates: running out of reagents

Degree: BSc Biotechnology; Most frequently used phrase: "man I’m so stressed"

Paola Handal

Favourite iGEM activity: how do you decide on one only

Hates: when Florin tries to speak Spanish

Degree: BSc Molecular Biology; Most frequently used phrase:"wot"

Stefania Trepekli

Favourite iGEM activity: troubleshooting modelling

Hates: being told popcorn is not a meal

Degree: BEng Biochemical Engineering (minor in Accounting and Finance); Most frequently used phrase: "A kala"

Florin Gheorghiu

Favourite iGEM activity: coding in a corner

Hates: being called a 'social scientist'

Degree: MSci Psychology; Most frequently used phrase: "Thought experiment!"

Anima Sutradhar

Favourite iGEM activity: spending days in the lab with a big smile on her face

Hates: no music playing in the lab

Degree: BSc Molecular Biology; Most frequently used phrase: "fam"

Camillo Moschner

Favourite iGEM activity: explaining complex cell biology with (very) extensive diagrams

Hates: everything and everyone when stuff is not going right

Degree: BSc Biomedical Sciences; Most frequently used phrase: "THIS IS SO COOL!"

Mariša Cvitanič

Favourite iGEM activity: spending quality time with CHOs

Hates: iGEM traumas

Degree: MSci Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology; Most frequently used phrase: "ugh"