Team:UC San Diego/Attributions


Thank You

Thank you to all the individuals and companies that helped make iGEM 2017 such a success this year!

In particular, we would like to thank the following individuals for their guidance at different points of the project, including past iGEM members:

Fernando Contreras

Guided us through the entire process, helped look over our modelling, and gave us advice on which aspects to emphasize

Jenny Lee

Helped assess our outreach plan and applied design materials

Jenhan Tao

Giving advice as a past iGEM judge and helping us fix parts of our project midway

Dr. Roger Tseng

Our postdoc at the Golden Lab, who helped guide us and gave us advice when we ran into research problems. Also helped oversee our lab experiments

All the Work Done by Our Team

Varun Govil: Project Leader

Involved with early stage of protocol design. Varun played a key role as architect of the team’s overall vision, helping draft the integrated practices and public engagement activities. Also in charge of applied design and entrepreneurship. Varun also helped out with the wiki design.

Yuya Zhao: Wet lab Leader

In charge of the experiments in the lab. Yuya played a key role in designing the project and implementing it. She was also key in drafting the first stages of our presentation.

Yunshu (Yansen) Geng: Dry lab Leader, Wet lab Member

In addition to helping Yuya in lab, Yansen was in charge of constructing the models that we have made for this project, including enzyme kinetics model and the flux balance analysis.

Emma Hu: Interlab Study

Emma was the key participant for the Interlab study and also helped with lab notebook documentation for the wetlab team.

Victoria Rodriguez: Wet lab Team, Financial Manager

Victoria helped out with research, and was also in charge of making sure that the team had enough to go to Boston.