Team:UIUC Illinois/Team

Faculty Advisors:

Christopher Rao

Paul Jensen

Ting Lu

Graduate Advisors:

Michelle Goettge

Tyler Stack

Paul South


Courtney Cox

Lab Manager:

Katherine Jansen

About Us


Chemical Engineering

Nathan Purwanto

Hey guys I'm Nathan and I'm a sophomore in Chemical Engineering. I joined UIUC_Illinois iGEM team to try to apply my knowledge of chemical engineering and chemistry into the field of molecular biology. I'm a big fan of Manchester United and Ohio State Football, and I would also welcome any discussion about these two teams!



Ana Rivero Valles

Hi! I'm Ana, currently a sophomore in Bioengineering geared toward Biomechanics. I am very interested in learning how to combine biology with hardware and understanding how the human body works in the structural sense. When I am not in class, I enjoy listening to music, reading, and exploring new places!


Molecular and Cellular Biology

Salma Qamruddin

Hello! My name is Salma Qamruddin and I am currently in my last semester at UIUC studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Social Work. My interests lie in global health disparities and its intersections with microbiology. When not in class or lab, I enjoy playing French Horn, running or cooking.



Jeffrey Varghese

Hello! My name is Jeffrey Varghese and I am currently a Junior studying Bioengineering with a focus in Cell and Tissue Engineering. I am very interested in the future of the medical field and hope to play a vital role in improving the quality of health care. Outside of class, I enjoy playing flag football and volleyball with friends.



Ayesha Ellahi

My name is Ayesha Ellahi and I am a junior in bioengineering. My interests currently lie in cell and tissue engineering. I joined the UIUC iGEM team to get a glimpse in to the life of a graduate student and to determine whether graduate school was an option for me. I definitely learned a lot! I spend my free time reading, going on long walks, and drawing with my little sisters :)


Electrical Engineer

Qingxi Meng

Hi, my name is Qingxi Meng. I am a sophomore in electrical engineering.While I love programming and circuits, I also enjoy applying what I learn in my major to different areas. I join IGEM team to apply my coding skill and learn more about synthetic biology. In my free time, I enjoy playing ping pong and tennis. I am also very interested in playing Chinese chess and hiking!


Molecular and Cellular Biology

Martin Malik

Hi! My name is Martin, I am a junior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. I am interested in how programming and various computational techniques are used to solve complex research problems. I love going skiing in the winters and surfing at the Jersey shore in the summers. In my free time, I enjoy playing a game of tennis and hanging with friends.