Thank you

We would really like to thank our sponsors. You can see our sponsors on our footer on every page but a special mention for them here too.

The University of Nottingham

We were incredibly lucky that the university provided us with most of our funding, without which we would never have been able to do such an interesting project!


The Cascade fund is a pot of money that comes from alumni and sponsors associated with the University of Nottingham, to fund transformative student research projects. If you would like to donate see the link here


We honestly don't know how we could have done all the panicked checking of primers and sequencing in the last few weeks without having the snapgene software. Such a kind and useful gift to our team, Ellie and Chris are extremely grateful since they designed our primers using their software!












The pipettes and tips donated really made our lab work a breeze so thank you very much for those! You saved some tantrums about unreliable pipettes for sure.

New England Biolabs

It should be illegal the amount of enzymes we have been through this summer but your help with some key enzymes etc. really helped us out!






T-shirt design