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Meeting with a Biologist

Our meeting with Dr. Sobzcik was very instructive. We started by presenting him the principle of the competition iGEM and our project which he found very interesting. At first we contacted him about the transformation of the cells but finally we discussed at length each point of the project. Thus, he reminded us of the basics of bacterial transformation and suggested to integrate a maximum of genes into the bacterial chromosome rather than leaving them in plasmids. We also discussed the extraction of proteins and lyses of bacteria. Finally, we rethought with him the construction of the optogenetic system of the machine - he himself had to work with a system of induction by light during his thesis. Dr. Sobzic was very patient and pedagogue, this interview was very useful!

When we needed advice for the synthesis of Fab, we first contacted Dr. Karim Dorgham from Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital. But we only work on mammalian cells so he kindly directed to Dr. Pablo Guardado Calvo from Pasteur Institute who quickly received us. At the end of this interview, we concluded that our project was too ambitious and that it would have taken much longer to succeed. Our discussion was very interesting and we learned a lot about the structure of antibodies, their synthesis in vitro and the production of proteins by bacteria in general.



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